Managing Partner

Mr. Kamel Mohamed El-Agla

We have adopted and maintained a professional style in running our company which proved successful since its inception in 2008. Our main objective was to make our presence felt in the developing process of the country and to deliver quality and specialized civil engineering services to our customers.

“Construction is a business where success is measured by the ability to complete projects on time and within budget.”

We, at DERWIND endeavor continuously, to improve designs, technology and services to allow our clients to achieve the most cost effective solutions for engineering construction systems. We look forward to further, closer partnering with the construction industry, to meet the challenges of the future.

Today, DERWIND has come a long way in making numerous remarkable contributions to the construction industry in Qatar. We set ourselves apart from every other construction company simply by our strong philosophy and our work culture.

“I’m confident that with our versatile, adaptable and technology led efforts, we will always meet the demands of our clients.”

The greatest strength of DERWIND is its highly skilled and committed employees. Every employee is given an equal opportunity to develop himself and grow in his career. continuous training, career planning, a positive work culture and participative style of management have engendered development of a committed and motivated workforce setting new benchmarks in terms of productivity, quality and responsiveness.We have some of the best and brightest in their field working for us. It’s something we’re proud of, we strive to be the industry leaders, and it shows in our work.

At DERWIND we have a strong belief in our people and the passion they generate to deliver on our clients’ infrastructure challenges. We’re looking forward to working with you to develop, design and build a world-class relationship and facility. Whatever be our clients’ project challenge, we offer the brilliance, the desire and dedication to get the job done right.

We are sure that with continued support from our employees, customers and all stakeholders, we shall take our Organization to new heights in the years to come, realizing our vision of becoming in the process to be one of the best construction companies in the Middle East.

“I take this opportunity to pay my earnest gratitude to all who directly and indirectly contributed to this success and are still deeply committed to take this dream to new heights. But most of all, I give my gratitude in total humbleness, to the highest of all – the Almighty God.”